creative translations – transcreations

  1. QUALITY: Our translators are frequently also senior and experienced copywriters.
  2. ACCURACY: Specialists in the relevant field always check professional topics.
  3. CONTROL: Proofreading is done by sub-editors who are native speakers of the target language.

In this way we can guarantee that our adaptations will be both completely faithful to the original and credible in the cultural environment, sounding natural in the local language.

Back-translation is part of every translation, along with explanatory notes. Therefore you will have full control over the meaning, the context and how well it reads even if you do not speak the target language.

Both translation and adaptation often require follow-up work. Years spent in advertising have given us proven contacts for voice-over directors, audio and image post-production and other professionals who take pride in their work.

All our associates have signed a confidentiality agreement. We will provide the text of this agreement on request.